Garmin Zumo 550 question

i know i can pair it with my phone but does this mean that i could plug headphones into my phone and hear the instructions through them?

I don’t think this is possible. These are options that I know are possible.

  1. Pair your phone and use wired headphones and a microphone to make and receive calls.

  2. Pair your phone and a bluetooth headset to make and recieve calls.

I think the Zumo is designed so that devices connected to it use it as the interface to communicate with the rider and not the other way round.

You need a headphone/microphone lead, and plug that into you Sat nav mount, this will allow you to make and recieve calls. Your Garmin can scroll through your phones contact list, and allow you to make a call, as long as the phone and Garmin are bluetooth linked.
Or if your not bothered about making calls, just plug your earphones into the mount, to hear your music and directions, if you make a call, or recieve a call this way, you will not be heard by the caller, thou you will hear them.

Be safe :slight_smile:

Can you make a call when you are moving? tomtom wont let you, you have to stop to make one.

Yes. Would be easier with voice activated dialling though so you dont need to look down at the screen.

Yeah you can make calls while riding. The first time you try to do it (or anything else more involved with the Zumo) it asks you if you want to disable safe mode. One prod of yes and your all set.

Another interesting feature is that some points of interest like petrol stations have numbers attached to them so you can call ahead to make dinner reservations and so on.

Nothing impresses the ladies like a Ginsters Cornish pasty :wink: :smiley:

cheers everyone, never noticed the headphone socket on the mount! problem sorted!!

The top hole is for the headphones, and the one underneath is for the microphone, iirc.

the bottom one is for headphones on my step-dads