howdy peeps and peepinas, ive just bough a garmin streetpilot i3, its fab, just what i need, its practical, small, and fits on either my tank, or screen, or i can fit it in my tankbag map pocket!! very good value for money, i got the ex display one for £89.99!!! bargain. i used it tonight on the vespa, its great, i even found my way to the petrol station!!, so no more lost me!!!

who owns a gps, and if so how do you rate it? what does it offer?

I see your Gramin and raise you a Tom Tom buddy

really, we will see, i dont find the need to spend that amount of money on a gps, when i have other things to buy!!

Pray tell

a cam chain and valve clearance plus 48000 mile service!!!

Oh swallocks

Thought there was going to be something fun.

nah, i should get her back tommorrow, im misssing her already

have we met yet?

I’m a fraid knot.

'twas at the banana last week but not this.

i’ve got a garmin gps, its ok and does the job but its not very reliable with the reception

I have both a Garmin Quest and Quest2. The Quest was superb, but sadly was corrupted during a PC download (I do not know why). I could not get it sorted and so bought the Q2.

The Q2 is dreadful. It loses reception at the drop of a hat, sometimes switches off and is too slow to redraw maps / plan routes. If you accelerate hard on the bike, that confuses it too.

I have a dreadful sense of direction and need GPS just to get home from my random ride outs on the smaller A and B roads (i.e. let’s go left here and see where it goes or that looks like a good road, I will go down it).

MarcBC said: "I have a dreadful sense of direction and need GPS just to get home . . . "

Aaah, a man after my own heart. I too have what I call ‘navigational dyslexia’, to which the only antidote is my Garmin Quest