Garmin 660 help


I know there is a few guys that have a garmin 660 on here, have a question!

I have heard that the 660 will record a route as you go?

Where is that in the options? Cant find it!

Good news you’ve got a garmin 660 mate, I can send you all the routes for the alps trip now.:smiley:

yes please! :slight_smile:

Saves you having to take two on the trip now! Few gramms less :slight_smile:

@ Rioting Rob - Feel free to send me them and I will convert them into a Tomtom format :slight_smile:

How do you convert them?

I’ve always found theres too many way points for Tomtom using TYRE etc. I’ve resorted in the past to looking at the route of the Garmin file and then manually creating it in my TomTom.

660 automatically records where you go as a trip log. plug it into mapsource and you should be able to import them that way.

i use basecamp instead of mapsource on a mac and its shiiiite!

Yeh Mapsource came with the product and that seems OK.

Just downloaded base camp and it looks a bit shite, ill see when i use it in anger.

Maps and firmware updated, mp3s copied onto SD card, all ready now :slight_smile:

There are online converters. Google is your friend, Sir.

They can sometimes go wrong so double check before you set off.

Thanks for sharing your experience and saving me from my continuing search for one that works well. :ermm:

Try Linky you should find them more helpful. :wink:

Try :slight_smile:

Never works for me.