Any of you guy’s Professional gardeners as i need some work done on my garden in North London.

Oh m8. DIY … couple of gallons of agent orange and a truck load of tarmac … marvellous :wink:

what is it you wont done, and were about in N London

I need my lawn sorted as it is bumpy and too many blad patches, I need a price on getting the lawn flat and then a new lawn laid.

The easy way is to put top soil down on top of it the grass will grow through,

you can cut the grass like turf, roll it up top soil it and lay grass down,

I would take the easy way rake top soil over and let it grow, you can even put some

grass sead down awell,

if you get stuck pm me were you are, and ill see if i can help you,no probs

Cheers for that mate.