Garages in Milton Keynes

Can any Milton Keynes members here, recommended any garages for new tyres?

thought was on londonbikers not miltonkeynes bikers site? lol

msg racing/road and track dyno in Halton:)

Will try and dig out their number in the morning for you. Yeah I know it’s not Mk but the ride there will do you good.:smiley:

Try FLITWICK motorcycles, always got deals on, and ya get a free cuppa :D:D

I get all my tyres and work done there, cheapest in the area :slight_smile:

i use bedford wheels has a good stock of tyres and are cheap,he does a ride in service or loose wheels.there on 01234 216662 or on www.bedford-wheels post code mk428lu.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Called up those recommended and a few others and price wise I’m looking at between £265 and £290 for a pair of Michelin Pilot Power 2CT’s in a Yamaha R6 fitment.
Can anyone recommend anywhere else?

blimey glad i aint got a sports bike !!! only paid £213 for pirelli Angels for my 'bird :smiley:

lol, well after searching for more garages the best price i’ve come up with for a pair of 2CT’s for the R6 is £195 all in.