garages broken in

went to pick up the bike this morning,

seven garages doors wide open, mine hasnt been touched but cant be sure.

called the neighbours, confirmed they have been broken in.

police has now been called, but i’m pretty sure i know what they’re gonna say.

one thing for sure, i know where i’m gonna sleep tonight.

if any of you wanted a chance to kick some of this scum in the head, this is your call.

i’m not letting them touch my bike. end of.

:angry: :angry: :angry:

Ouch! Sorry to hear, Alba, but glad your bike is alright!

shitty news

can you get the bike indoors?

where about do you live silveR6?

PM sent.

sh1tty news , but glad yours is still there.

thanks Kev, replied.

MK, you’re right about something for once. :angry:

That’s really **** news! I would probably be tempted to sleep in the garage with a big bat too… but on reflection, probably not a good idea.

Having said that there’s nothing like an angry Alba to carve a way through the traffic on the A40 this morning :smiley: I was gratefully slipstreaming in your wake :smiley:

not good, wonder why they didnt go into yours? must be well camouflaged


was that you then! glad you enjoyed the cafetiering, anytime :smiley:

thanks for making me laugh, really needed it.

i dont know why they didnt take mine, but i’m not waiting for second chances.

they came around a couple of days ago, according to neighbours. nothing was touched, so no police was involved. so that was a sightseeing visit.

now the garages have been forced in, i need to see what the police say when i get home tonight and take it from there.

but i wont sleep in the garage alone, my dog will keep me company. :slight_smile:

scum bags hopefully they stay away from your garage. get a big scary dog and keep him in your garage be a nice suprise for anyone who breaks in :wink:

It was :D, on a white scooter this morning as I’ve switched to that for most of my commuting. While I save masses on petrol I miss having the engine noise of the FZ1 so when I saw you joining the stream I thought I’d latch on to the back as I was running a bit late today :smiley: No excuse for any car drivers to not hear that R6 of yours coming!

Glad I could cheer you up!

well Maxy is not big but he can be quite vicious, trust me :smiley:

spoken to the police, they have given me a bit more details than my useless idiot neighbours. i need to do more investigation tonight when i get home, as i said my neighbours are f8cking useless so i have to talk to the victims myself to check if there was actually anything stolen.

set up a camera that has night vision mode and put it on the outside part of your garage see if that captures anyone coming and going from it at night.

Dunno how close your garage is, but wireless remote alarms are pretty cheap these days…

thanks Kish,

have you got one laying around? i havent.|prd%3A3086088&storeId=10151&

maplins should do a cheap kit or pop onto ebay should be too hard to create your own system

reserved the argos alarm, cheers Tim.

apparently Kish, i have cctv around the garages already. my neighbours are recluctant to share information for some reason, that is if they are actually working.