Garage Security?

I’ve had a new garage built and am looking for ways to secure it. I wondered what people’s opinion was on this? I have my own ideas and will be implementing things but wanted to garner the advice of the community. Obviously I don’t wish to disclose what security I have or will have on a public forum, so won’t be entering into discussion about specifics… Thanks all!

oooh, I’ve just got a garage as well - I’m also looking into what I should do to keep it secure.

stealth… if they can’t find it… they can’t break in it… area 51 sort of…
Now short of this, fear… guns, dogs,etc…
Seriously, No idea!!!

Thanks D675 - that was really helpfull

I know the insurance comps give discount if bike is stored in a “brick built” garage, so if you were to get one of those pre-fab ones from B&Q they’d probably not count.

I suppose you could always use one of them super-whizzy locks that go with the Almax chains to keep the door closed. Or possibly stick an alarmed disk lock on the door instead of a padlock.

But be careful about the thingys that go on the doors, and the hinges. Make sure the screws are either not reachable when doors are closed or that you damage the heads so the screws can’t be taken out. Someone nicked my lawnmower from my shed by taking the doors off by removing the hinges.

And do lock and cover your bike once it’s inside, particularly if you have windows.

I suppose you could also have a ground anchor installed INSIDE your garage, or some other fixed anchor on the wall or something, in case you were really security conscious, and chain the bike up as if it were in the open air.

Just a few ideas.

Or keep a couple of underfed Doberman dogs in there…

Apart from motion sensor alarms, smoke grenades are really good (seriously). A good padlock like squire and a ground anchor inside with an Almax.

Damn Charlie - that’s hardcore!!! How much would all that cost?

Install two american pit bulls in the garage, down side they may eat your bike!

OH yeah man! That’s awsome idea and you will also receive funny thieve vs pitbulls fight for free

Some great advice there, thanks everybody!

There’s a UK company that sell blank shot gun cartirdges that wire to your doors… if you don’t disarm them before you open the door they fire making a hell of a noise and filling the room with smoke… would scare most people off :slight_smile:


I agree, not being seen put your bike away is a good first step - remove the need to have your security ‘tested’. Obvious external security says “this is hard to get into” but also “you want what I’m hiding in here, don’t you, huh, c’mon, bwok bwok bwok, 2 years as a prison b!tch and you’re scared to break in here?”

Be careful with motion lights - they can pee off your neighbours and give robbers the light they need surely?!

I was thinking, if your garage has power, a covert CCTV or wirless webcam (cheapest £70) with motion alerts. Near enough to your house? You can get a Xena motion alarm for £50 that sends phone alerts (requires phone line). To me, that’s the reason behind an alarm - it won’t stop them trying (might make them think) but it will give you time to react. With a camera, if you’re not there, you at least get pictures of the tea-leaves.

Ground anchors etc. For £40 you may as well, it all adds to the time it takes them to make their pilfer.

If you are having the garage built it is worth bearing in mind the advantages of having a garage door that cannot be opened from the outside. It is relativly easy to ensure the door has no handles, locks, catches or anything other than a flush metal surface.

You can then have a side or rear door that has normal household dead bolts on it etc and can be much easier to secure from the outside.

To get the bike into and out of the garage you use the side door, open the main garage door fro mthe inside, ride out, and then return on foot locking up behind you. It takes moments longer, but is much more secure than a typical garage door. Our Garage door has a huge lump of wood that we drop into place, and there is no way that could be forced without drawing a lot of attention. We could even padlock that o nthe inside if we wished meaning that even if someone broke inthe side door, they still couldn’t get the bikes out.

Get this installed as your garage door, and have 3ft thick steel walls behind the brick!!!

do what shewolf does…puts the killswitch on…lol

I don’tknow what you mean

I have some experience in this field having written about this for a website and been keeping my own bikes safe for 33 years; any one who wants to PM me an e-mail address with details of number of doors (& types) and windows, what sort of walls & roof, whether or not there is power in there too, will get an e-mail with the best answers and also tips on which products NOT to buy as some are just rubbish…

Like one of the garage door guards that sits in front of the up and over door; I can get past that in 20 seconds tops, in total silence… Not money well spent; I lost my keys so had to find a way around it… Money down the drain - the answer on how to get past it was so simple once I thought about it…

The advice I always give is make it hard work, make it a long noisey job in full view of the public and inevitably they will go find an easier one down the road. With modern bolt croppers and battery powered angle grinders, there is no ‘Final Solution’

I use:-

several chains and wire ropes (per bike), all seperate but inter-linked; Bike alarms and disc lock alarms; I have no garage, so the bikes are parked out front in full view of the neighbours on my ‘open’ drive; There is no ‘perfect’ solution, but you can go a long way to make it easier for the low-life (who is a cowardly, lazy F****r) to try somewhere else instead. That is the answer.

Dont leave no tools in your garage, those smoke devices are way cool I had one in a shop where I worked we set it off twice to test it good fun, there is a cheap way of fitting those in all you need is a smoke machine and wire the on off switch to you door then put another swith in your house to disarm it I bet you could do it for under £100 maybe even £65

Henry Krank firearms dealers, Keighly, Yorkshire. Choice of tripwire operated 12 bore or smaller door hinge blanks. If you dont catch any robbers, always a good bet for livening up barbecues in the summer . . .

Please post info on smoke machines if you find it. I was told £60 ish, they are electronic and could easily be wired into a motion detector and set to smoke out for 2 minutes after activation. You could fiddle with a halogen security light, or BnQ sell just the detector alone, so you can wire it to anything.

XENA garage alarms look great also, either deafen the *******os with 130db and / or use the autodialer if near a phoneline

cheap too . . .