garage/off street parking East London?! save a damsel in distress!:-P

Hello all!
Not sure if Im posting this in the right place or not. Firstly, fucking great to find this community, all the people I ride with live in Brighton so would be good to know a network of bikers here in London:-D

Secondly, I have a big problem, and Im hoping someone out there can help/advise?!

Ive been keeping my bike (Harley 883 Sportster) in my back garden, which is hidden from the world by a high as fook wall, however I’ve just found out I’ve gotta move house asap and we’ve found a place but there’s no room for my bike :frowning:

I’ve been desperately searching online for options that aren’t crazy far away or crazy expensive. I dont want to store it away so I cant get at it for ages if you know what I mean, like Im looking for somewhere where I can access the bike occasionally throughout the winter as I ride for work sometimes. The ideal place would be somewhere I can come and go from, like someone’s off street parking area or most ideally, a garage, but at the minute Im open to anything.

If anyone can help in anyway at all I’ll be forever at your service and get you loadsa freebies at the next bike show I’m working at!!!

Cheers either way,

Rachel D

Eff off Rach :wink:

Not sure if joking…

Anyway, where in east london are you? I know a few places where you could park.

My garage is full of other people’s tat stored free of charge (you know who you are), but the space is out there, good luck

Do you know something we don’t Tom?

Rachel - I have a potential option for you - possibly as an interim measure over the winter. I live in central London (Southbank/Waterloo area). We have a very large underground car park where I currently keep 3 bikes - there’s loads more space, but security is tight and access if I’m not at home ‘might’ be an issue, but one we could possibly get around. If the location is not too much of a problem PM me your number and we can talk about it. The benefit - it would be free!

I know… she is either an ex or your sister…

Can’t you just get a big chain and lock it to something substantial?

Are you moving to a flat or another house??

or both :laugh:

similar to what Curlyally has said, but I’m in Angel (north London) I have a garden with fairly high brick walls and a locked gate you are welcome to use, but again… Access if I’m not in could possibly be an issue. But you are more than welcome. I’m sure we could work something out… PM me if I can be of any help

Got a garage in East London with garage defender, alarm, and ground anchor/chains inside… PM if interested

hahahahahahahh ! I think that’s wrong isn’t it?

Not if yer from Norfolk .