Garage floor tiles

Any got any recommendations? Seen these on eBay, £8.99 for 24 sqft so would be relatively cheap



Costco do a roll of rubberised flooring not sure how much it costs

Just realised these are foam not rubber so probably wear out quite quickly!

Found this on Costco website



Whatever you choose make sure its chemical proof

Whatever you choose make sure its chemical proof Wise
Seems to fit the bill:
  • "Durable enough to withstand common garage chemicals 
  • Designed to withstand temperature changes and all weather conditions "
  • Garage floor?

    Paint it!

    My whole workshop is carpeted, which has drawn the ire of some other guitar builders.
    I didn’t carpet it myself, I just inherited like that and thought I’d leave it and see if it worked or not.
    It works great.
    It takes me about 3 minutes to run the hoover over when I’m being particularly messy.

    I sometimes text them a photo of my smiling face mid-winter when I am nice and toasty warm and comfy and they are cold and sore from standing on frozen concrete all day.

    Went with carpet in my latest man cave, oh and heaters on thermostats, cant beat a bit of comfort. Might even get round to using it one day.

    I have these throughout my garage. Very good, but remember to use something under the stand so they don’t tear. They insulate well too, but I bought mine at Halford’s as they regularly have deal of two pack of 6 for a tenner.

    have you considered a screed over some insulation?

    I have carpet in my garage.