garage door


Scary people.

Did anyone else notice how shadows were cast into the image when people got near :ermm:

Oh boy :stuck_out_tongue: Only in America and in Only Fools and Horses :smiley:

All that’s missing is a couple of people playing ‘duelling banjos’ in the background!!!

Although… look at about 27 seconds, to the right of the door - WTF :w00t::hehe:

What a bunch of typical american numbskulls.



Someone should pull the garage door down with a pick up and tell them their all going to hell :hehe:

its a mirracal!!!

yeah right!!!

wat a load of bo!!ockz

I’m with MarkLid. Forget the garage door miracle, isn’t that a rather tasty thigh I see at the right at 27 seconds? Now that’s a miracle! :wink:

that’s a panty shot! :smiley:
followed by a sock shot :w00t:

Sorry that should have read:

It’s all smoke and mirrors I tell you!

oh dear oh dear!

very sad!

27 seconds…that’s just where some chump didn’t know htey’d hit a transition button in an edit suite…POOR work by NBC but then no surprise there…their lead story is

“Sun makes shadows, religious nutters in the States are amazed!”