Garage door opener, not working intermittently and motor really hot - wassup??

I have a Wessex LiftBoy GB1 and it has started not working randomly over the last couple of days. I took the cover off and noticed the motor is very hot even though the opener isn’t working right now. This thing is really old, so does it sound like time for a new opener or is that a simple fix?

sounds like the motor might be slipping on the gear or something

Hey Groovy!

The opener is a screw drive one. The motor isn’t running at all so it’s a real surprise to find it hot - it hasn’t had the heat build up by it running…

If the motor is hot then it is at least trying to work. can you disengage the motor and check for obstructions in the opening mechanism of the door, get everything greased up and running smooth then re engage the motor and see what happens?

alternatively, the brushes in the motor are likely to be worn.

or probably lots of other possibilities but those 2 sound like the most likely based on your description.

It might be an electrical fault within the motor that is causing it to fail and overheat. Might be a transformer issue if it has one but with its age, I don’t think it’s economical to fix.

Yeah I can (and have) released the garage door so the motor has no load apart from turning the screw. Still no joy - but then oddly it will work a hour later…

Is there a chain drive to open the door? Those can be disengaged to see if works under no load. That might be a place to start fault finding.

I think you are probably right. Anyone in the garage door opener fitting business???

Have a look at the brand and model number of your one and call the manufacturer up. No doubt there will be a new model out but it might just be the same fittings so a straight swap. :slight_smile:

Have a go yourself or get a fitted price. Ill see if I can match it or beat it :slight_smile: