Garage Dilemma

As always I am after the superior knowledge of the peeps on here and will be ever so grateful for a bit of advice.
After having the luxury of a Garage with power, taps etc I am moving to a new pad still with a garage, but no power.
Is there anything on the market that I can use to trickle charge my battery other than taking the battery out - like a portable charger or something similar that I can charge up indoors and then take to the bike ? Don’t want to be asking the battery out as need to keep it in for security etc.
Never really thought about this before and with an alarm and other security stuff that can drain the battery don’t want to be repeatedly coming down to a flat battery if I’ve not ridden the bike for a week or so.
Ta in advance.

Any chance you could slip something like this on the roof?

cant you just run a extension cord to the garage

Ross, no mate. garage not close enough.
Pat, unsure if that would charge it up with our autumn, winter and spring weather ?

Just ride the bike more :wink:

I’ve got one of these for the car, never had a flat battery since it’s been installed. Its left on the dash and only gets direct sun for half the day.

Not being funny Nivag but I’ve not got one of these and have never had a flat battery on my car either. Why would you suddenly find the battery was flat, unless you leave your lights on or something?

Having said that, it’s probably the easiest way to keep your bike’s battery topped up. You can get extension leads for them I think, so shouldn’t be too hard to get it on the roof.

How about a large lorry battery, fully charge it and leave it in the garage with the connectors attached to your trickle charger.

the battery gets flat because the car rarely gets used and when it does it’s only a short run and can’t be arsed to keep removing it to charge it up :slight_smile:

As pj says get a battery and run it that way.

I use a 12v - 240v inverter up to 300w power supply so you can use any house hold appliance. Either run Agee batteries linked together or a big one. Bare in mind the big batteries weigh a lot and isn’t fun lugging to and from the house to charge it every week or so.

You’d be surprised Baz, i work for a solar company and you will generate sufficient power from most solar chargers. The problem is that they are only trickle chargers, not optimisers so there needs to be some kind of charge controller to avoid overcharging.

+1 for ride it more. :smiley:

thanks gavin…I need something like that as if I dont use bike for 3 or 4 days battery goes flat

Actually going to start cycling into work - already have started, only a 8 mile round trip at the moment but when I move will be around 24 mile round trip … need to do this as less time to go to gym and I am tunring into a proper Fattie !! - yeah yeah, donuts etc :-p

Will need to go back to the garage and have a look at the roof and door etc to see what I can get sorted.

Both options of Solar and Lorry appeal to me though can I please ask, as I am not mechanically minded in the slightest, if you were doing this how would you do it and what kit would you buy - I already have a Datatool optimiser.

Ta, large tea/coffee owed to you all already for helping.

If you go for the solar option, the Oxford Solariser is on offer at Two Wheel Junkie.

Do you know if most solar panels designed for vehicles have some sort of optimiser in them? I’ve been looking at the Oxford Solariser but from what you’re saying it may actually damage the battery??

Here’s a 150w inveter which will do it asking as your charger isn’t over the 150w

Pick up a battery I managed to get a few from halfords as they were binning them
It’s simply plug onto the battery with the clips and that’s it.

dunno if it makes a difference but lorry batteries are 24v not 12.

solar regulators aren’t that expensive and this one will show you what state your battery is in:

I’ve got a massive battery and its 12v either way a decent car battery will do it

So - could I get a solar panel - and rig it up to charge my bike battery? That could work a treat for me in Lagos.

Someone has posted up a solar panel…and I can get an optimiser. So how do you connect those two?

(Remember I am a numnut when it comes to anything technical)


it’s like 2 wires BL, you can’t go wrong.