Garage design and installation

Am moving into a new apartment soon which comes with a rather large garage :slight_smile:

Am going to turn the garage into a man cave/workshop and wondered if anyone had used the services of companies like

or have any other ideas suggestions??



how big is it? and why not do it yourself?

My studio flat is about a fifth of that, and I also have to share it with a mate :laugh:

its about 9ft wide and 18ft deep and height of 9ft. I’d have no problem installing/setting up workbenches but things like flooring probably not.

Wow man, it’s huuuuuge! :w00t:

I’d say raise a wall, use a third of it and convert the rest into a flat or an office to rent out :smiley:

9x18 is about ex size of a a single garage
Be carful they look big before end thing go in
If you look at unit depths no greater than 800mm it will leave enough room to walk around a motorbike

Lol it’s huge to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Having lived in a small flat these last few years. It’s plenty big enough for me and my forthcoming race bike :smiley:

from my minimal knowledge, isn’t there a thing called scree flooring which you pour in and it levels itself?

I would recommend speaking to Tim (Scorch)

He’s a dab hand at this sort of thing and won’t cost near as much as the firm your asking about

self leveling compound :slight_smile:

self-leveling compound ?..

I always manage to scrounge an old living room carpet , get a beer fridge , joist mounted overhead multi socket in front of the work-bench to there are no cables to trip over , radio , comfy chair …ooh , that is my living room !

Screed is the stuff for laying a level floor, there are loads of latex based self levelling options.
What’s the current floor made of?

It’s pretty level concrete base already, wanted to put something down to protect it only and to look nice tbh

Self leveling floor screed, rubberised tiles or two pack garage floor paint. :slight_smile:

Will probably go with rubberised tiles, that way will protect the floor from damage/stains

Unless you have the money to clad the end wall in snapon tool boxes… I have an account with Howdens and get a hefty discount on kitchen carcasses and doors. Perhaps something in a high gloss black?

I was thinking of the snapon option, I need at least one tool chest on wheels to take to the track etc.

I shall take a look at howdens website :slight_smile:

I also have a nice portable spray unit so walls would take no time to coat up. Wall mounted flat screen for motogp reruns while you work? Suspended ceiling with downlighters and speakers recessed into it :slight_smile:

Tap into a water feed and install a large sink for parts washing.

Scorch my man you may soon have yourself a new project :smiley:

I don’t move until June but we shall chat in detail then…

Am moving to ware Hertfordshire if that works for you??