Garage Clearout (Tools, accessories, bike gear)

Hi All,

I am preparing to move abroad shortly and am unlikely to take any of my biking stuff with me… so either I sell it or my landlord gets it. The prices are as stated and I’d much prefer it if people didn’t try and negotiate for the sake of two pound bloody fifty. Am located closed to Staines and preference given on those who can collect. Collection will be available from 16th November onwards…

General Tools& Accessories

Battery PoweredElectric Drill

Small, handheld item manufactured by some generic brand. Supplied with original carry case and charger, was about £30 new I’m sure and is about 9 months old.


Halfords - ½”Impact Sockets - Halfords

Used for front & Rear wheel axles. I think I have 32mm, 34mm, 36mm

They’re between £6-8 each from Halfords, I would like £2each.

Halfords Torx BitSet

This is a boxed set of Torx Bits which includes both male& female bits for ¼” drive. Invaluable bit of kit, used it lots and is as new condition. This is TOP NOTCH for solving issues of allen key bolts that have rounded off. Hammer these inplace and voila, bolt comes undone! Very hardwearing too, not a mark on this set.

£7 (£15 new)

Bike SpecificTools & Accessories



Triumph Speed Four Venom ExhaustRemovable baffle, stainless steel in construction andsupplied with hanger. Fits the TT600 also


Triumph Speed FourSeat Cowl

Bright green, in OEM Triumph Colours, TINY mark on it butdoesn’t break the paint.


Triumph Speed FourRear Luggage Rack

Great condition, supplied with all required bolts. Doddle to fit and super practical.


Suzuki SV1000STopYokes Risers

Quality CNC Item including replacement top yoke, risers,Renthal Bars & replacement throttle cables.


Suzuki SV1000SOhlins Rear Shock

Fully adjustable item with remote control for reservoir. Great condition with recent service carriedout BY JHS Racing. Currently set-up for12 stone rider. Can supply detailedfitting instructions if necessary or can even assist with fitment at myplace. May fit others, most likelyspecific GSXR Ranges K1-K5 1000cc models but not 100% confirmed.


Suzuki SV1000SOhlins Front Springs

Linear springs for front suspension, set for a 12 stonerider and can supply Ohlins Code if necessary. Will also supply the suspension settings also as it had been set-up byJHS Racing and handled like a dream.



Urban Camo TextileMotorcycle Trousers32R Size (to be confirmed on 16th November) and in very good condition. These are about £45 new from eBay so not thehighest quality kit based on the price…. That being said, they hold out therain fairly well and keep you warm and are sold in great condition. Did 1 x European trip for 10 days and thenanother jaunt to Germany for 2 days. Otherwise that’s it as I’m a nit-wit and tend to ride in jeans, even inthe rain or freezing cool. Eek! Have not been grazed or touched the tarmacwhatsoever.



If someone buys anything from the above list, they canhave any of the following for FREE:

· Dot 5 Brake Fluid (60% full…TBC)

· Various “odd” sockets in ¼” and ½” size. Odd = not really part of a matching set, itis a mish mash.

· Copper Grease “stick”, maybe 85% full

PM sent!

I’ll take the Electric ImpactGun

PM Inbound.

Pah, that’s what I want! Well, that and a bunch of other stuff :wink:

I’ll take the dremel but I’ll need it posting?

I will take the paddock stands please

PM sent

Could I see pics of the paddock stands please. Thanks :slight_smile:

barsteward! i wanted that too :frowning:

Have updated the original post with items that have been reserved.
Again, priority goes to those who can COLLECT - I don’t have the time to package up items and post them, it’s not financially worth it for me, given that I’m slow as buggery at packaging stuff up.
People who PM’d me have been PM’d back.

Collection of items from 15th November onwards.


Pm sent

if you want to go collect it, go ahead bud

Pan could you pick up the battery powered drill if you go? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m interested in it but can’t see me getting to staines? :slight_smile:

only 30 mins away from you Al :stuck_out_tongue:

still too far to go for something I don’t really need… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

now if Pan were to go, that’s a completely different story

hmm bit busy this weekend but may be able to do next weekend… if items are still available then :confused:

Dremel has gone along with other parts, have updated the main thread.

Included in this sale is an SV1000S & Triumph Speed Four, if anyone wants to buy either of those at their fulll price, they can have the remainder of the tools for FREE (the ones that aren’t currently reserved…not worth much, I know!)

Cheers Greg :slight_smile:

Good luck in Belgium! Have you got ebay links for the bikes up for sale?