Garage break in

Some bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssstard broke through the feckin roof of my garage last night, and stole my golf clubs! Self same bastard also did my neighbours too. Spent time effort and money making the door like fort knox, and they go in through the roof. Arrrgggghhhhhhh.

Smarterer than your average scumbag eh?

What’s the roof made out of Russ? Is it that corrugated asbestos? Old school type of roof? Persistent fecker either way!

i would say for golf clubs but after working for a driving range there bloody expensive =0

Corrugated asbestos eh? Would that be the type of asbestos garage roof that will have him trailing an oxygen tank behind him gasping for breath in a few years time if he broke through it and inhaled the fibres? Karma can be a bitch :Whistling:

Exactly what I was thinking :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Our house was cleaned out a few years ago when they lifted the roof off the conservatory.

On the plus side, they stole your golf clubs so you’ll no longer be tempted to spend 4 hours ruining a 2 hour walk.

Sorry to hear…

Be on your guard. running up to Xmas, there seem to be more burglaries and break-ins…

At one point in my sorry existence I was playing 5 day’s a week…then I got a life and now walk the dog :smiley:

Yeah have been looking into that as going to have replace the roof now. It look like it is made of white chrysotile asbestos concrete, nasty but not the blue stuff so unfortunately he won’t be needing replacement lungs.

Sorry to hear that Rusty.

Bad news, sorry to hear this. Presumably this would be covered by your household insurance?

I had a friend who lived in one of the top flats in the terrace on Effra Road opposite Brixton Library, the one with the old “Bovril” sign painted on the side.

The burglars got into the attic and got into her flat via the ceiling, making off with anything of any value.

She moved out soon afterwards.

Yes fortunately, however when I spoke to them last night I get the feeling it will not be a smooth ride. i.e lots of paperwork experts coming to have a look…and oh you don’t have a screw on that piece of wood sorry this invalidates your claim!

To be honest it was not an earth shattering experience, more of an annoyance really at the hassle of getting things sorted out. For those that know me will understand why. However some of my elderly neighbours were really upset by it, and it kind of focused my attention on how much an impact theft/burglary really does have on people. So to all those that have had something taken… I really do sympathise with you.

If it was an easy process there would be many more fraudulent claims and premiums for the rest of us would be sky-high.

I hope they see quickly that yours is genuine, and they make speedy payment.

scumbags :frowning:

Roofs are a real bu88er to make sh*thead proof unless it’s done while you build the damned things.

Glad I built my own.

Yup, just boarded mine up and put about thousand screws and battens in it temporarily while I work out how to make it Sh*t bag proof :crazy:

Scummy thiefs. It doesn’t matter what you do they will always find a way in

What arseholes.

Scumbags, hope the fookers won’t be able to sh1t for two weeks then burst :angry: good luck sorting it.