Gaming headsets

Hi all,

Anyone got any experience with gaming headsets for ps3 (i know some work for both PS & Xbox so all feedback welcome if that applies)

I’m thinking of the turtle beach px5’s, tritton pro’s and even possibley the new PS3 7.1 surround headset from sony…

Still very confused though so need some help…


been looking for one myself my mate just got the turtle beach spent £180 swears by them…
but you can get a decent pair for around 50ish

just bought theses for £40 on wenesday will be testing them out tonight

Guy at shop said are as good as the Turtle Beach £80 pair…

Spent the last hour trying them **** quality sound mic didlt work will be taking them back in the morning

And giving the guy a piece of my mind

Got the Turtle Beach XL1 today £40 straight swap are sooo much better and worked straight away would recommend them

and you can buy a add on to make them Dolby surround sound