Game of Thrones

Flippin eck. Best TV series ever to be made? I think so.

Great tale. so much going on! And almost real characters! Bit of over acting from Littlefinger, King Robert and Varys for examples :smiley: Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage are great.

Amazing how “little things” sway the tide. Fecking wicked. Download and watch it. Thank me later.


Its frigging awesome!!! Ive been watching it too! I can’t wait till sunday :smiley:

It’s a bit sexy too, the lesbo action 2 weeks ago was pretty good :w00t:

I’ve read the books and its still awsome :smiley:

HA HA HA HA yeah! I think my fave is the Targarian king… something really sexy about him :stuck_out_tongue: And his queen is quite hot too :w00t::w00t::w00t:

It actually makes me want to read the book. I’m scared my head will explode if I do though :w00t:
Still haven’t seen the ep from last Sunday, I’ll get to it tonight though :DD
Khalissi became so much hotter after she became queen!

A big + 1 from me too. Really enjoying it.
TV seems to be really good at the moment or am I just being easily pleased ??

GoT is exceptionally good imo. What else are you watching? hijack alert
Anyone else read the books or just watching?

Yep, friggin awesome!! Camelot is okay but not nearly as good.

…And what lesbian action did I miss something??


Littlefinger was ordering a couple of his whores around last week: “Use her arse!”

Or words to that effect :hehe:

Oh yeah, you’re right he was testing their motions. Yep defo awesome program with something for everyone.


IT IS ON TONGHT!!! :smiley: Can you tell i am excited?

I saw a couple of episodes when I was in Cuba, in Spanish! It was quite annoying because the trailer they played just prior to the episode was in English.

I could get the jist but some of the finer detail was lost. What channel does it air on in the UK then?

Is it really better than 24 at it’s peak though?!

Took me a couple of watches to get into it, but guess what the first thing I’m doing as I got back from Iceland … :smiley: Port + GoT … perfect wind-down.

Is a great series. Really enjoyed Legend of the Seeker too, but this GotR has much more of a story arc and very well produced. Oh, and Khalrisi is hot :wink: Plus … not that I’m obsessed … but the guy getting killed by a golden crown was awesome.

Its on Sky atlantic channel over here. So I have to find other means to watch it :Whistling:

I watched a load of Legend of the Seeker, but that was because there was nothing around for me to get my fix. LotS is/was crap. Lord of the Rings isnt as good as GoT.

The stories and characters are really good. The way they devlop and will knock you sideways occasionally :smiley: There are some “Thats not good!” moments in there.

New episodes are Monday at 9pm no? So by 10pm they are available :Whistling:

The only criticism of the TV adaptation is they cant spend as much time as the books developing. But thats to be expected. I think there’s plans for 1 series per novel. I hope they can keep it up. I read that season 2 is already under production…


Yep, when needs must!! All hail TPB :smiley:


Blimey … didn’t expect that tonight !!!

omggg massive cliffhanger wtf!!!

TPB ftw :slight_smile:

:smiley: I’ve read the books and still cant wait to see the stuff unfold :w00t:

OMG im so anoyed!!! What happens next"!!! I want to know!!!

I want Kaliso or Daenerys whatever her name is to come down with her barbarian horde and screw those blonde bimbos… yes queen her son and all the damn Lannisters.

Anyone watched Camelot? New series also.