Galaxy or Sharan? Will it fit?

Hi all,
Does anyone know if you can get a R6 in a Ford Galaxy or a VW Sharan? :smiley:

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

i couldnt fit a snap on roll cab in the back of a zafira :stuck_out_tongue: but i could get an xr125 in a combo van. just as an idea of scale etc

Apparently a 2006 Galaxy has a flat load space of “2m in length by 1.15m in width” and a 2004 R6 is 2m in length by 0.69m wide and 1m high. I’d say that it is a very tight squeeze!! :w00t:
If you have a tow bar why not hire a trailer from HSS or similar for £50 a day and strap it down.

Oh and how the hell were you going to get a 160+kg bike up and into the Galaxy??

Yup, that is a very tight squeeze, but possible :smiley:

Not really keen on towing as if its in a van at least u know its more secure :slight_smile:

Didn’t think abt getting the bike up in the van yet, will cross that bridge when it comes :smiley:

hi mate ive been looking for a small sized van to take the bike to/from the track…a few guys on another forum have been using a peugeot expert van which will fit…apparently.

im the same as you and would prefer a van to a trailer