Gaerne GRW's for sale, 44 in Black

For sale 1 pair of Gaerne GRWs in black, size 44 in very good condition. Only worn a few times, brought them too big (as the 43s felt too small)

Very nice boots. Any offers, to pick up from Sutton or my work near Tower Bridge ?



Will they both fit in that Jiffy Bag?;):cool:

no mate but if i had put my boots on the kitchen surface with nothing under them the wife would have been somewhat annoyed with me. cant have that now can we ?


Sounds just like Chunky :hehe: His Mrs aint allowed in the garage let alone touch the bikes :smiley:

It’s taken me 20 years of gentle persuasion to get her to agree to me having a bike in the house… alas, no nearer to it:doze:

“in the house” ? what, like in the hall ? whats wrong with the garage or front garden

Not in the hall. I want a 916 in the lounge as a work of art:D

i guess it could work if you could suspend it from the ceiling ?

She’d have me suspended from the ceiling first:w00t::smiley:

is no one going to take my boots off me ? honestly, they are lovely :slight_smile:

whats a 44, uk 9???