G20 Summit Meeting - Planned Demonstrations in the City

The G20 Summit Meetings in London during the week of 30th March are expected to be accompanied by organised and impromptu protests by anti-capitalist groups to protest against the handling of the current financial crisis.

Large-scale demonstrations have been planned in the City in particular on Wednesday 1st April and there may be small scale disruption at any time during the week commencing 30th March. We have been advised by police and security to prepare for disruption to transport networks and to take precautions to avoid trouble with protestors.

The following demonstrations have been planned:

Wed 1 April: ‘Financial Fools Day Street Party’ (City) - The march will begin at 11am from the following stations, converging on the Bank of England by midday:

Liverpool Street
London Bridge
Cannon Street

Wed 1 April: ‘Climate Camp’ - European Carbon Exchange, 62 Bishopsgate

Thurs 2 April: G20 Summit, ExCeL Exhibition Centre (Docklands)

Thu 2 April: ‘Crash the Stock Exchange’ (City) - Focus on disrupting operation of the LSE (10 Paternoster Square) from 7am in the morning. Expected disruption to surrounding area and St. Pauls tube station (Central line).

I better come to work tooled up next week.

Either that, or sod it and take some holiday!

protests will be arriving at Trafalgar Square at approximately 16.30 today.

I work in Liverpool St./Moorgate area. Sodded around for about 20 minutes this morning deciding where to park my bike. After finding fault with a few places I went and stuck it where I usually park up each morning. I’m watching on Sky and told my boss that if I bolt out holding my helmet I’m off to move the bike.

i also parked on my usual place near charing cross - and protestors are coming to traf qsr from opposite direction :ermm:

Hopfully we’ll be alright, touch wood. So far it’s a bit limpwristed as far as riots go.

thats fine by me… :wink: