fzs1000 breaking

seens as litre bikes seem abit slow to sell in the current climate an i have just got another fzs100s i thought i might aswell break this one an keep a shed load of spares if anyone knows anyone who needs anything give me a shout.

Schmitty might want a few bits, but he’s not around the forum that much these days…

Good point i will tex him .

I call dibsbon rear brake caliper for my dads fazer

No worries its got your name on it .

seems a shame, what do you want for it?

It just doesn’t make sense selling it in one piece seens as i got another which will be my fifth fizzy thou i been offered 1500 for it which to be fair i reckon i can easily make in bits as i got plenty of time on my hands an will be left with plenty of key spares , it is a shame as it has served me well over the last three years im toying to the notion of transfering the panels over to the newer one just to keep apart of it alive bit like trigger with his broom you know its only had seven handles an ten heads…lol .