FWR Tyres and fitment

A quick question

On their website it says (in bold)

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Connect or Switch.
Tyres will be fitted free to loose wheels at our Kennington premises or sent FREE by next day delivery on all orders over £150.
A Ride-in Ride-out service is also available at only £7.50 per wheel.
Balancing costs £4.50.
The maximum carriage on any order sent to the UK mainland will be £5.
Please call for prices for overseas or Northern Ireland orders.

So if I buy some tyres from ebay or wherever, I take them to FWR and they will fit them to my loose wheel for free with balancing (+£4.50)?
Seems to good to be true. I can assume that what they mean is… if you buy the tyres from FWR and bring your wheels in they will fit for free??

Which is it…

lol try reading your post again!

If you buy the tyres from them at a cost of 150+ then fitting is free. Not any old tyres to any old wheels :w00t:

Yeah I should have read it more carefully :smiley:

I just read wanted I wanted to read…

I wish you were right first time!! would save me a fortune :frowning: