Fwd: Getting a bike restricted

I know this question has been asked loads of times but I got a mate who owns a suzuki bandit unfaired 54 plate he said he would sell for 1000 quid not sure how much mileage he has done but he said even with restricted it’s going be a lot better then my hyosung gtr 250 cc , is it worth me buying it off him , I had a little go on it yesturday was amazing , but yeah just want know does it sound like a good deal?

Sounds good.

If you don’t go for it I’d possibly be interested, bandit is a good bike

+1 to bandit being a good bike…I have one, tis the bestest bike I’ve ever had :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’ll be very good restricted, purely because it’s a very heavy bike. Buy it anyway. You can’t really go wrong :slight_smile:

How long have you got left on a restricted license?

Ok I just have a proper conversation with mate about his bandit , last night he was saying a £1000 now he said he had a look at bike trader and said there going for around the £2000 mark , He brought it from bike shop for 3 grand 04 plate and his so far done 13,000 on it , now his saying he got the restricter kit at home , viper exhaust which was already fitted , he got new headlights and belly pannel worth over 100 quid , he said it needs a new clutch and needs new break pads front and back , I think he wants over 2 grand for it , had a m.o.t when he got it and said its due for one this coming january, I just had a look at a good motorbike shop who are very reliable and had a look at the 2nd hand bikes they got on offer which comes with warrenty not sure how long it lasts but 2 examples as follows :

Yamaha R6 Navy colour - 05 plate - 8000 km £4199

Suzuki GSXR 600 black and orange - 04 plate 2100km -£4299

Next june is when I can get my licence derestricted but I wouldn’t mind getting a 2nd 600 and restricting it , so what does anyone reckon is my mate quoting too much considering what his added or should I stick to looking at bikes from local dealers i.e the yamaha and suzuki deals?

The bandit is a great bike, i had one, good commuter, city riding, touring, hooning, all-rounder, quite a phsyically heavy bike to restrict mind.

For £1k you should bite his hand off, £2k sounds very steep for a Bandit IMO 04 plate or not, The exhaust is a nice touch but a belly pan you dont really need and you said “he said it needs a new clutch and needs new break pads front and back” well assuming you dont do the work yourself a clutch is what £80 parts, an 30mins/1 hour labour? pads, 3 sets,…

People always seem to try and recoop what they spent at demon-tweeks on tat in a sale price… /shrug.

For £2k you could be looking for an asbolutely mint Hornet 600 (which is arguably a better bike), and you are also entering the land of the late 90’s Sports 600’s (GSXR SRADs, ZX6R’s etc)
My '99 ZX6R was just over 2k with less than 10k on the clock, would give a bandit a whopping too…

I dont think you should pay 2k for it, and it depends on how much of a mate this guy is, i would in light of his recent discovery of the “true value” offer him £1200-300 and haggle a bit. If not, there are loads of cheap Bandits out there to be had, especially as we are coming out of “summer” now and all the fair weather riders need to sell up for xmas.

Just as a side note on the restriction, the law doesent state the method that a bike has to be restricted, people fall into the trap of paying over 100 quid for an FI International restriction kit and certificate… Realistically when you get stopped by the side of the road and the unfriendly traffic policeman asks is this bike restricted sir? and you reply yes, they have no way of proving otherwise there and then, as long as you werent caught well over the tonne and its just a usual stop-check all you will get is a producer (which has no box to tick for “restriction proof”), and if the cop is particuarly shitty he will write it on the sheet, even then, you actually produce your proof to a desk clerk at a police station who knows nothing about motorcycles… So even a “letter” you knock up on your computer stating the bike is restricted will probably do…

But then thats a risk, if you were involved in a big smash and the insurance company discovered there were no restriction in place you would technically be uninsured (very hard for them to prove).

I bit random that but i see alot of new riders paying over the odds for “restriction kits”…

Goodluck with the bandit

Cheers for the advice “Don” , I’ll take that into account as a few peeps saying his asking too much considering his done over 13,000 miles and is a 04 plate, also yeah thats defiantly a big risk ending up in a crash and not having restrictor kit when I should do i’d get into a lot of trouble and thats the last thing I need mate. Also as well what you said after x-mas theres good deals around that time so I’m gana have to be patient then rush into things like a idiot all the time , I’ll let you know how I get on with my next bike thats for sure lol