Fwd: Bike Problem

My Hyosung GTR 250cc was taken back to the factory after 3 weeks of it being left in the bike shop , a technician eventually come down to the bike shop last week and said it it’s a electrical fault meaning he had to take it back to the factory , today is the 4th week I’ve been without my bike , the bike shop told me I would be getting a cover bike same model this week in the mean time , I brought the bike brand new had it over 8 months had problems since day one I’ve been so unlucky with it I have to change the bike , I got no idea how long there gana take to fix it they have had the bike at the factory over a week and still aint fixed it… , I’m thinking to myself now surely Im entitled to a brand new bike or a refund but the bike shop keep to the subject on saying the bike is in the factory getting fixed and giving me a cover bike in the mean time , they aint gave me a time scale how long it will take to fix , I really don’t know what I should do, should I say look i’ll give you another 2 weeks to fix the bike etc? can anyone offer any advice I would appreciate it.

Wait one more week if they havnt fixed it by then demand a refund and look into buying somthing else.