Future Video,s

Anyone here got any equipment and skills to make our future …“Video Entertainment” ??

Reasons being…CaptMoto wont be making no more through personal reasons and I for one will miss it all like Id miss my Bike !!

(I thought they were a right tongue in cheek, happy surprise to look forward to after a ride or a get together)

So…a New Speilburg is needed…but…


if ya cant do it like the Capo…dont do it at all.

Hyperlink might help ya with a Solid Sound Track…

“He seems like he knows what hes doing from what ive listened too” !!..sooooooo

Who ???

Ohhh man…i really like his vids too…

well…ive made a tribute vid with some photo’s from the gallery…i dont know what the score is with that…but would love to share it and see what you think?

i should imagine that i need to ask permission from the admin dept so i guess…im askin permission to share this little tribute ive made to london bikers…

it remeins the property of london bikers and all ive done is put some photo’s with a backing track untill i get some raw footage of my own…



sounds great mate…fire it over for a preview then…

Everyone is OK by placing here private made videos and photos but if you start to use LB’s name? you will need to go through us first. You are not authorized to use LB’s name to promote yourself or your webpage! If you want to help to promote LB? and we need your help for that, that is great we can provide you with a high quality logo etc for you to use, just drop us a PM and tell us your intentions? Any imput to help promote the community is very much welcome!

I’m and editor and have all the kit so would be more than happy to knock up the next vid.

Let’s talk baby

that’s great minimo! Why you don’t come to the Cubanas meeting next wednesday and we can have a chat!

ok…once i get the all clear i can post this vid…

better to be safe than sorry.eh?

respectful smiled.

now the bluddy thing wont upload!!!..lol…grrrrr

will keep trying tho…its only 13.9mb for christ sake!!!

not so smiled.

Roger wilco. Shoulder should be sorted by then.


Smiled mate…that was a great effort…I love that kinda stuff…and looks like Mini,s got all the weapons too…get it together with Cez, Mini and Hyperlink for a rocking sound track and Im already looking forward to a few good summer ones !! Thanks Guys !!

Why is Captmoto not making vids then ?

I am still making them, only I have decided to freeze the showing, until this chicken and egg situation is solved but perhaps you can all help me answering this question:

Those of you who have seen my videos can you please answer yes or no to question below?

Are my videos not advertising enough the london.bikers people and the forum, with or without the representation of an official forum logo? Y / N

You see, two contrasting comments have been raised to me by the people that matter in here: one said I don’t advertize the forum enough or properly, because in my first 2 vid i didn’t add any written mention to the forum itself even thought the videos are only showing l.b’ers and their bikes. As a result from this complaint i tried to rectifiy the matter and so my last video (The Cubana one) featured an LB logo every six frames. Did this make people happy? Think again: a second comment was written in a different context as a response to Smiles lovely video in which someone else said that the using of an lb logo without permission is in breach of something or other. so no cigar! My question is: what’s it gonna be then, with sponsor or without sponsor? you call the shots I make the flipping video, don’t forget its my representation of creativity and only I can take or remove, and if my work its not appreciated then it won’t be published. simple as that. what i thought was a gift to the members is turning to be a showdown of “handbags at dawn” and i’ve got far more pressing issues in the real world. Things like life, family, mouths to feed and bills to pay. just like all the real things that all of you have when you switch your computers off and go back to reality.

cheers peeps,

luv ya all


don’t forget to answer the question

i for one think you vids are fantastic fran…they capture the moment and the feeling of the events you film…(i think ive said this before) but will say it over and over again…

i do think you give great gifts to lb and was gutted to hear you were pausing on making any more in the future…

also…i have seen the st g.day vid and seen the lb logo represented…i dont think there’s anymore i can say…other than please dont give up on making us those great flicks…your time and effort is apreciated…

one more thing…i hope i havent stood on any toes by making the tribute video…


absoulitely not, you are a pal, your video was in a class of his own, its a free country. and i have no problem with it at all, lol there is no copyright is there?. Even i don’t take myself that seriously, video making ain’t my bread winning gig. ship stability / stowage and planning is my trade.

wew…nice one mate…!!!

ive been playing around with that software for around a mnth now and getting right into it…would love to get some pointers as you’ve been doing it longer than me…

meet up at the cubanna and have a good yap about it yea?

cheers capi’tan…!!!


Well I for one thought you included Londonbikers in all the work you did,

(all the ones “Ive” watched, Are there any Ive not seen ?)

If there is a spanner in the works then I hope it gets resolved quickly as a lot of people are waiting for the next one. Come on you guys upstairs strike a deal with this guy and lets back to planning summer.

Yeah yeah that’s the hope.

I don’t think there was an intention to stop or dissuade Capt (or anyone) from making vids, but we are conscious of our ‘product’ and want to be sure that it is portrayed appropriately. In this case the issue is exaggerated by Capt having his own successful forum and almost a video production ‘company’ which is obviously (and rightly) publicised as well. So we are hoping to resolve this asap, I’ve spoken with him directly but my influence in these matters is limited.

Hopefully the team can get together soon and have this sorted, and we can have the cameras rolling again.

Trouble is, all these issues are new to us and we don’t really have plans/procedures/whatever to refer to.

We’ll get there tho

Top Man…

Surely anyone can make any video they want, endorsed by whatever they like?

If I made a film about a ride out, I would probably mention what it was, then put on there what I like!

I think CaptMoto’s branding of LB in his last vid was ridiculously over the top in my opinion.

If Fran takes the time to make the video, he can advertise what he likes in it surely, his own forum, whatever?

I don’t see the problem here? It’s a charitable donation of his time, don’t knock it!!

His forums aren’t in competition with LB, whats the issue,

Keep up the good work Fran, don’t let it get you down

Why the nit-picking?? The captain makes great films, he puts them on here, we watch them. Job done, no?? Why make such simple matters so complicated? Do things really have to become so commercial?

No wonder he’s thinking b*****ks to it.