Future Generation...a new biker is born....

Just for the benefit of them as who remember me…

Well…its been a bit of fun in the Trashpuppy/miz-lilax household over the last week, the cats are seriously confused! Paula was booked in at Frimley Park Hospital on Wednesday 23/02 so she could be induced. This was due to a few slight complications throughout the pregnancy. On Sunday the 20th we decided to go last minute shopping before she pops…so Paula goes into M&S to look at lady stuff n I potter into Tesco’s next door to fill up the trolley. I get halfway through deciding between Tesco’s own BBQ sauce and Daddy’s BBQ sauce when I get a phone call…Paula thinks her waters have broken. She’s legged it over to Tesco’s as she didn’t know where the toilets are in M&S. I abandon trolley…grab first female member of staff (happens to be store supervisor) and panic ensues…loo’s get closed ambulance gets called and we get a free bag of nappies. Head over to hospital where they check her over and book her in. Twenty four hours later still nothing, no pain. no contractions,nothing, Nada, nicks, zero, zilch. They give her some gel to kick start stuff and baby goes into shock…doesnt like it so emergancy lights n people running around shouting and drips etc… They check her over again and realise her waters haven’t broken…it was something called hind water? god knows, anyway they break the waters and wait four hours. Still nothing! Due to baby’s dislike of the inducing gel they wheel her into surgwery, hook up a spinal block AND epidural and begin prep. Problem…Paula can feel them. Shes’s numb down to just above where they start work. So general anestheic, I get kicked out ansd wait…and wait…(i got kicked out at about 9pm). At 9.25pm, weighing in at 8pounds and 9.5 oz Euan Alex Baker was delivered safely. While under recovery mum then decided she wasnt getting enough attention so lost two litres of blood. Euan was wheeled into SCBU (pronounced scaboo…specialist care baby unit) as they where concerned about a few things…at midnight mum was wheeled into the recovery room where I was chewing my fingers off and at about half midnight I got to see my son. He is beautifull. A big old lump with all fingers toes etc. Theyve been running a barrage of tests which we are stilol waiting the results for as there are a few anomolies they dont like…so hes gotta get a full MOT before coming home. Hopefully Paula will come home today and baby will come home within the next week. Been in and out of recovery and scaboo for the last two days holding and feeding and just being a soppy dad. Anyway just needed to ramble and show off.



Well done bro and best of luck over the next few weeks:cool:

I’m sure everything will be A-OK:D

I think Daddy’s BBQ sauce over Tesco’s own brand every time mate.
Especially now.
Good luck to you all and trust things will go smoothly.

PS: They are more expensive hobbies than motorbikes

Awwwww, Congrats to you both, what a beautiful baby boy :smiley: well done you two:)


Congratulations And Good Luck To You All

Well done both of you! Lekker feeling being a dad hey! Congratulations and take it easy and enjoy the time.

cheers all, and Makman ya is lekker but im a dad already lol. Just wanna bring em both home now

Congratulations to you both!!!


Congrats Chris and Paula.

Frimley Hospital is ok even if it is like a prison with all the security doors :smiley:

Oh and Daddy’s is def the way to go :wink:

lol bbq sauce wasnt even for me…was for Paula. Going in too see them both now n pester the doc’s for updates.

Well done mate!

Congratulations to the three of you! :wink:

congrats to the mum and newborn… oh and the dad :wink:

now the adventure begins :w00t:

Is it true if your waters break in a supermarket & you have a full basket/trolley they let you have it free of charge not that I am considering it !!

Awwwww CONGRATULATIONS!!! :smiley: over 8lbs!!! blimey…taking after daddy trashy all ready;)


The induction sounds really unpleasant…I really hope it was necessary and not just your doctors being over eager to intervene. Our son was born using a Hypnobirthing technique so avoided all that stuff… I’d recommend it if you ever have another.:slight_smile:

Congratulations to you both! Beautiful baby :slight_smile:

Good luck for the future and fingers crossed for the next week! :slight_smile:

congrats x :smiley: x

Many congrats to all of you.

Hope this week brings only good news

He is a lovely baby, congratulations to you both. :smiley: