Future bike

I went to the Kawa’s museum.

Here a beautiful ZZR






i like the instrument panel, cant say the same for the shape though

I have to say, that imo thats quite an ugly looking thing.

What’s the specs though?

First impression, Akira?
I like it actually. Is that bike run on electrics?

the front doesnt fit with the back in my opinion…it loooks a bit disjointed…like the front though…will it d0 200mph and never need the chain replacing…


would like it better in black

probably very comfy for longer journeys

(Guessing from the kanji on the signs), that museum’s in Japan.

Can you tell us any details please? Off to Japan at Christmas and I’d love to see a bike museum. I’d really love to see a bike factory with all the machines in full flow, but can’t find one. Best I’ve found so far is a combined museum and factory tour of Mazda in Hiroshima. Thanks

Do i not like that.

the museum is in Kobe (Japan). I have been there the first week of Sept.
If you are going to be near Kobe visit it, its nice


P.S. here the link