Fusion cookery.

Hello LB, you`ve all watched all the cookery programmes and had illicit fantasies over Nigella Lawson.:slight_smile:

Hello LB, You`ve all watched all the cookery programmes and had indecent fantasies over Gordon Ramsey.:slight_smile:

Please feel free to pick and mix from the above.:smiley:

Let`s cut to the chase, what to cook on a Wednesday evening. You have around 30 minutes to put it on the table and your mind has gone blank due to the bottle of Chilean Shiraz you have consumed while cruising the LB forum with diminishing returns.

So it comes down to a take away (which I`ve not done in 35 years) or an innovative fusion recipe to tickle the tastebuds of your beloved.

This is where panic and confidence kick in in equal quantities, you cook the supper of dreams or you get an evening of indifference.

Now indifference I can take, Its what follows that grinds me down, you know the scenario so I dont need to elucidate.

Curried sweet potatoes with spinach onion and Haggis is the answer.

Take one medium onion, chop finely with a mild fresh red chilli and fry off with 8 teaspoonfuls of Sainsburys medium curry powder. Add a little water after 5 minutes.

Boil two sweet potatoes for 17 minutes.

Add 200gm of prewashed spinach and a cup of water to the onions and wilt.

Coarsely chop the sweet potatoes and add to the mix, stir and fold over the onion curry, spinach mix. Turn down to minimum heat or turn off.

Microwave a 450gm Haggis as per instructions.

Reheat curry And serve with the Haggis and a bottle of Chilean Shiraz.

For extra Brownie points substitute pan fried sea Bass fillets in a fennel and orange sauce for the Haggis.

A cup of tea and a cosy chat will guarentee a night of fulsome sex or whatever you may fancy.

Please don`t thank me for this recipe, I need no more reward than for you to post up your favourites.:stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite drunken snack has to be the โ€œUltimate Bacon Sarnieโ€โ€ฆ :slight_smile:

Take 2 or 3 slices of bacon, 3 or 4 slices of Haloumi (goats cheese) and fry them in some olive oil until the haloumi has started to brown off.
Whilst you are doing this toast a couple of slices of bread and spread them with butter.
Place the bacon and haloumi on a slice of toast, followed by a couple of pieces of Iceburg lettuce and lightly drizzle with Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, before placing the other piece of toast on top. :wink:

Enjoy with a nice cup of tea (preferrably a mix of 2 Yorkshire Tea bags to 1 Twinings Earl Grey tea bag), or a nice glass of red wine. :slight_smile:

Enjoy! :wink: