Fuse Question

This morning I realised my light was out so I checked the fuses. My main light fuse is fried but for some reason my brakes work… checked my fuse box an I am not a very good keeper, only spare fuse I have was a 10A. I put the 10A in the head slot which should be a 15A.

So my questions are:
Should I ride without lights? Ride with lights and 10A fuse? Ride with dipped lights only and 10A fuse?

ride 10a should be fine unless you have a short, then it will blow :slight_smile:

get a 15a when you can

Had a short as it blew up about 5 secs after I put the light on:) Then I blew another 15A at home… found the short hope I managed to fix it. Riding in this morning seemed to be OK so if it didn’t blow up for about 1:30 hours I guess it is OK.