furygan leathers

does anyone know where i can buy furygan leathers been looking on tinernet found a few sites but not sure of my size a few people have said about a shop on the kings rd that use to be a yamaha dealers but dont know the name of it cant any one help cheers guys

J & S do

I have seen some nice stuff on their site, hope to get to one of the stores over the weekend :smiley:

Gerogous Bikes on Kings Road sell Furygan :slight_smile:

Slocomes Honda just off Willesden High Rd sell Furygan gear last time i looked.

J and S in Greenwich have a very good range of Furygan gear. Very helpful staff as well… :smiley:

J&S Watford have lots to chose from.

OnYerBike they stock the new and classic styles and are by far the best shop mentioned, there out of the way but worth the trip Google em

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