Furygan kit

i have been offered some Furygan kit. Has anyone used it and how good or bad was it??

Looks smart in the brochure.

It’s a French company - I’ve always thought it looks nice and does well in reviews and stuff.

I know that Buelligan was after some kit made by Furygan so he might know something about them as a company. Maybe pm him?

Furygan used to make the old buell logo leathers (made by someone else now). Well made kit, if on the expensive side

Historically very good kit (and expensive as mentioned). Don’t see much of it on the shelves anymore, probably because of the cost.

I’ve got a Furygan leather jacket - it’s comfy, and looks normal enough to wear in the pub without getting odd looks. Was probably a bit pricey, but there wasn’t a huge amount of jackets that weren’t the racing type.

Besides, it matches my helmet

Yep they are pricey over here but still very much sold on my side of the chanel.
Used to have a leather jacket by them, very high quality leather and finish.
Got my last kit on ebay new for £150 and very hapy about it
higly recommended if you looking a a quality 1 piece leather

A friend of mine races in a Furygan one piece - he is French afterall and I would expect nothing less!

Anyway, he lost it lowside exiting Park corner at Cadwell on the weekend. Sliding across the tarmac for quite a long way did put a hole in the butt of his suit, but underneath his skin was completely in tact.

So, I’d say that the kit works! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a textile Furygan TX3 EN1 jacket and it does the job in all weathers as it has removable waterproof lining and removable normal inner lining.It’s well protected in back/arms/shoulders.

Worn it quite a lot in all weathers stands the test of time well.Hasn’t lost it’s shape or colour and the panther’s(think thats what they are) havent fallen off.

Cost £169.99 from J&S well over a year ago and it’s still retailing at the same price today.

They have a good selection of Furygan there so check out their prices if you wanna compare.

I’ve got the same jacket. Good kit, although I have given it a treatment with nikwax to help the waterproofing. Nice and warm and well made. Think I might treat myself to some new furygan leathers next year as my current ones have been down the road a couple of times and are looking a bit sorry for themselves.

I’ve crash tested a jacket and it works well. Really well made good quality kit. Mine came with knox armour in. I’ve owned it for 6 years and still very comfy although a little on the heavy side. Well recommended. I went to J&S in Grenwich the other week and they had some in, worth a look if you’re down that neck of the woods.

I’ve had a Furygan 2 piece Vulcain suit for almost five years. Its still in great condition and looks good too. Comes up very well after a clean and looks the business in the sunshine. My only critiscism is the lack of full waist zip.

It’s also aluminium foil lined to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Cost over £600- new but well worth it. Motorcycle City close to Ace Cafe.

i got some furygan kit its awesome and comfy

I’ve crashed in the same furygan kit twice and there’s not a scratch on it…

Nah…'tis cos its french and they are even more painful to deal with than the italians! But dont tell the other half I said that

Love the looks and the craftsmanship is of a very high standard unlike french cars

Only main dealer I know that does it is ‘on yer bike’ in aylesbury

The truly excellent Slocombes in Willesden - http://www.slocombes.com/ sell Furygan kit as too do J&S.

Sondells used to stock it as well, but I’ve not been in there for about 10 years, so don’t know if they still do.

Yep i brought a Furygan Leather jacket from Slocombs a year or two back, a bit pricey, but I have worn it nearly every day since then, and crashed in in a number of times, not a scratch on it. I would recommend Furygan.

If you want a full waist zip Furygan provide a full alteration service which include putting in 360 zips, repairs etc…

We are probably the biggest Furygan dealer in the U.K. and hold pretty much every single jacket in every size (including XXL).

I am glad to see the people who have Furygan kit have all praised it and it has withstood the test of time… You can’t get much better than that!

If you want or need your kit altered (or just want a tasty bit o kit ) come see me at Gorgeous Bikes, 496 Kings Road, London.

I give you velly good price if you mention LB.

Funny enough I was actually going to recommend these guys, I get most of my stuff from them, good prices and always willing to offer a discount.

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