Furnished one bed flat for rent in Deptford, SE London

Due to finances my cousin needs to move out of her current flat as soon as possible so she is therefore looking for tenants to take it over, she’s trying to advertise this in as many places as possible due to the letting agent being complete numpties, and not very helpful in helping her out.

It’s a converted terrace house, hers is the first floor flat, I’ve been there several times and it is a nice flat with decent sized rooms, in good order, with a modern kitchen and some nice furnishings.

So if you are looking for a nice one bed flat to rent or know someone who is point them in her direction, we’d be eternally grateful!

I am guessing that estate agent rather have her forfeit her security deposit by not giving sufficient notice and place someone else after…
Nice flat but in that area without garage is a big No No for anyone with a decent bike. Would be gone in mater of days if not hours…
Good luck to your cousin