Why have they started putting tinsel onto tampons?

It’s just for the Christmas period!..

2 Yanks go to Llangollen for a day out,& go into a cafe for a coffee.
When the young Welsh waitress comes over to take their order,the lady asks,
“could you pronounce the name of this place slowly for us so we know how to say it correctly please?”

“Yes” says the waitress “Burrr gerrr kinggggg!”…

This small business owner only has 2 employees,& as business has been bad lately(he sells rucksacks in Bradford)he has to lay off one of his workstaff,who are Sue & Jack.
As he doesn’t want to make either redundant,& likes them both equally,he tells himself that he will put it to the next one who walks into his office.

Sue happens to walk in with a cup of tea for him.

So he says to her"l can’t decide wether to lay you or Jack off!"

Sue says back to him,“Jack off,l’ve got a headache!”…

I just sent the second one to every American I know… lol