Funny vid for the self-critical biker


now watch out. This one REALLY wants to kick us in the crown jewels in a very personal way.

Tell me if you are, but this is DEFINITELY N O T for the easily offended biker !!!

Can you endure the pain?? Then click below:


I had to force myself through it, but at least I was laughing at the end of it

I love that token kitten…

Hennessy really should see this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alberto man, that was f**kin brilliant!

Ive just fallen off the chair. Awesome.

One small point (fnarr) was that a green ZX-7R? Surely not, it’s the most masculine of sports bikes?

Won’t ask where you got it…

Sorry about the faffing about last night but the guys I was with take a bit of rounding up. But hey, a good time was had and that SP1 sounds well sorted.

What about the R1?


haha like it lol

Just seen a super-trick 2001 R1 at the Ace today and got some inspiration. Vented carbon hugger and mudguard, SATO rearsets, custom black and blue flames paintjob, polished wheels, the whole shebang.

Now the SP1 is sorted I’ll start on the R1 soon. Let you guys know when she’s done.

Thank god times have moved on