Coming home from work today i went to get in my car and heard what sounded like a baby crying and a cat. Looked under one of the cars and saw the most amazing blue eyes and weirdest sounds coming from this gorgeous looking darling…

I managed to coax him out from under the car, and got him in my car, talking to it all the way to trying to find where the local vets was…i had to get out to ask directions and when i got back to the car, i had been shat on…all over my real leather sport seats :w00t: that and pee…OMG !!

Had to use my chamie leather to pick up cat poo and shove it in the gutter of the street, anywhere as long as it was out of the car! then i threw the chamie as well…sod that in the car and i cant wash it out !!

Managed to get the cat to the vets, they checked it for micro chip, which it had, and then told me it was a Bengal snow leopard cat…apparently the 4th generation from the leopard is the most domesticated…these were actually crossed with those gorgeous snow leopards, they have large dog like legs, they are a lot longer than original cats, they make an amazing noise, but are absolutely gorgeous in markings.

Turns out it lives in colchester !!! the vets called the owner who said it went missing yesterday, and had got into the back of a van…(see thats where i got a bit, you what?)…cos to me, if my cat of that calibre had got into a van and i KNEW it, i wouldve tracked down the van, cos it had obviously been at the house, cos these cats are mostly house cats, people dont let them out to roam as usual cats do…they get nicked !! And, if it had got into this van, how come it was in ford motor co car park?

The vet asked the owner to come and get him “marley” is his name apparently…and they said they would come before 7pm tonight…im sitting here wondering if they did …i might go and check tomorrow that the cat got “home” and he wasnt dumped on purpose all those miles away…Try googling bengal snow leopard cats…im now thinking of getting one !!! the size of these babies !! they are like having a little dog that looks like a miniture leopard in your house !

I didnt leave the vet my phone number cos i wanted to get out and sort out a shat smelly car !!! :wink:

ahhhhhhhhhh, i want one



me too now…those blue blue eyes !! if i put one of them on my bike it would be the ultimate accessory !! royal, deep blue !! and look at those markings !! im in love !!

Was the owner caled Debbie, Jules?

The breeder we got our Abyssinian fron breeds Bengals too and lives in Colchester. They are really stunning arent they?:slight_smile:

Awww, I want one of them now! Another expensive pussy I guess! :wink:

Dont know, the vet didnt tell me, they just said they had called the owners and they had to be at the vets by closing at 7pm? i was thinking of going back tonight and seeing if they did? if they didnt i wouldve took him home with me, least till the owner could come for it and hoping that they wouldnt !!! There is a rescue place for these cats? Bengal cats rescue and rehoming uk ? im thinking seriously of contacting them for one…they are gorgeous and id never let it out in the garden, apparently you take them out for walks on a lead like a dog, they even act like dogs…and have the leopard characteristics in them too…so, i want one of them and a new blade…dont care what order !! ;)That one in the pic looks gingerish, but they arent? the one i caught was like champagne with spots and stripes, just like a leopard…im amazed ive never heard of them before !! guess ive been too interested in my dogs all my life…the bull mastif is another weakness of mine…only i want a dog de bordoure (spelling) …cant remember how its spelt !! ha ha…

Bengals are beautiful cats, but best kept in pairs - they like the company and have shedloads of character :smiley:

Jules, if you google websites for these cats, have have a read through them, you may find one where you can register for re-homing them. I did that when researching Maine Coons, and then decided it would be better for my older cat, to introduce a kitten to the home, rather than another male.

Generally, I think, most breeders take back any cats that they have sold on, where the owners decide they cannot have them anymore for whatever reason, and thats how they end up on the established websites for rehoming.


yeh i will do thanks…even if i put my name down on a list i will wait till one comes up…i want the snow leopard colour one with those blue eyes? i like the others but some have green eyes and darker stripes like a big tabby…

Well done for what you did, im not into cats but thats a beautifull looking one and i wouldnt mind having one of them.

Yes, really well done for rescuing the moggy – I’ll bet there’s not many passengers you’ll let defecate all over your car seats and get away with it!

In some small way I hope the owners don’t reclaim and you get to keep it . . . particularly because of the bizarre way the cat ‘disappeared’ from them!

Nice looking cat.

blade (09/04/2009)

Dogue de Bordeaux I think.Lovely pussy cat I want one too :slight_smile:

Quiller (10/04/2009)

I never said that!:DQuite spooky actually as thats the dog Mrs CM and I would love to own:D

Called the vets this morning but no answer…think cos its bank holiday…cant stop thinking of that cat though now…driving him mad indoors going on about it…(think hes after another kind of pussy :Whistling: )

OMG on the dog pic…how cute is that…i love it !! so now i want a new blade, a cat and a dog !!! :wink: