funny avatar

LOL! quality avatar BIKE2TRAVEL! That bear sure can bust a move!

lol made me chuckle

I can’t stop laughing myself guys! That guy most be sweting buckets in that ‘skin’ eh? lol

Cracked me up,literally

Doing the splits like that, are we sure its a bloke, could be female. Its way funny whatever though.

Yeah of course … it’s Cezar himself! … haven’t you seen him dancing? lol

Hhaaha! Come on? Can I be guilt of something nice? lol

That’s some nice dancing there Cezar!

Your guilty of making a few of us smile with your dancing antics - is that good enough for you?

Fine, in life i learned that you can’t win this situations! Next party we get together remind me to di a live demo eh? lol

Will wait to see your face after doing the splits Cezar, think that might be worth the admission price on its own.


that’s wicked Cezar - where d’ya find these avatars?! or is it your little secret?!

lol, Flick! No it’s not a secret at all, just Google ‘free animated avatars’ and you will get hundreds of sites offering them for free!

ha! that’s the most amazing piece of news i’ve had all week! cheers!

You mean, you mean thats not a real bear, first I find out Santa’s not real now the bear can this week get any worse?