Funny Architeture for not to mention it's strange as well!

Got this by e-mail , not sure where it is but it’s not a Photoshop job. It’s looks like a bar and for sure it’s calling attention eh?





My guess is Amsterdam and that the architect was on acid

It’s in Sopot, in Poland. Can’t find any English info on it, but if you google, there’s loads in Polish…

Then Rottie is our man! Rottie can you tell us what’s that about?

Some info in english:

inside pics:

It’s a part of the shopping center, there is a gallery inside and some kind of art society.

Ah, Cezar, and a restaurant called Capirinha!

I told you that in Poland everything is possible!

Thanks Rottie! The place looks nice from inside!

I tell you what, after a few ‘Caipirinhas’ that place may look ‘normal’. lol The opposite effect lol