Funniest thing i've seen in ages

Riding into work this morning along Jamaica Road, stopped at the junction with St James Road on a red. Hoards of cyclists waiting to go (traffic car 5/6 vehicles back). Off we go when 2 lycra warriors (top to toe!) engaging in a dick waving competition seeing who’s fastest, after about 50/60 yards they are literally elbow to elbow pushing and shoving each other still pedalling like mad things when one shoves the other so hard he’s forced the guy to almost crash, looked like a mobile accident. Amazed that he stayed on, very childish and very funny. Serious bit though is that the ‘shover’ at the next junction shot down the inside of a lorry indicating and turning left - total cock!

Slight side note: full lycra never looks good on a man - especially when you are a couple of stone over your fighting weight!

I love the men in lycra. Embrace it Teflon.

let them be…they are just preparing for Tour de France



Riding 2abreast through the lanes…one day…a cheeky bum slap is going to happen.