Funeral Processions

What to do?

I always feel awkward coming up behind a funeral procession. Is it disrespectful to filter past?

I see some bikers do - others don’t. I tend not, to but wondered what others think?

I haven’t overtaken/filtered past, just let the procession go ahead - after all, it’s normally only a short final drive.


I never filter past them… I would never disrespect something like this…

I also always bow my head if they are going past in the other direction…

+2, bit of patience says a lot and is in short supply these days.

Just imagine yourself it’d be you in the coffin and your friends/family around, what would you/they prefer, filtering past or staying behind?

Me, I’d stay behind and admire the beauty of the coffin.

German engineering of course, Herr Smitt!!


German engineering of course, Herr Smitt!!

No. Just decent respect.

Very appreciative of the m/c copper that picked up behind my dad’s funeral and made every body wait behind him for the last mile or so before the crematorium.

well i was in a rush one day i was coming back from tri-moto and we had to get a job finished, so i did turn left into the lane to go left, but the funeral cars tried turning left also to stop me going past, did feel a bit bad…

usually i would wait…

You can use my coffin with me in it as a ramp to launch your bike into the air if you like.

I’ll be dead so won’t really have any opinion.

But yeah - i’ll show some respect to others while i’m alive.

I always stay behind never other take personally would find it disresepectful


Always stay behind and do the sign of the cross…

I always wait and give it time to get to where it’s going.

Nice to see it’s the majority view too.

when i was in northern ireland traffic would stop in both directions, engines off and wait for the procession to pass, i had one, i was out on my gixxer with brit plates on, i could see all the cars on my side of the road had stopped, so i pulled to the front of the queue and could see the procession coming the other way with lots of people following it, i was in two minds about stopping as it was classed as a red area, but i stopped, looked down at the floor and waited for it pass hoping that no one would query my brit plate , as soon as it passed i was outta there!!

Wouldn’t it depend on whether it was moving or not?

I wouldn’t pass a moving procession, but if one was stuck in congestion I don’t think I would sit in congestion as well.