Funday morning roll call

Good Morning London

Welcome to another superfine Funday morning, ride safe out there

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Morning, cup off coffee and then off to the Ace :slight_smile: ride safe all as it will be wet out there.

Make mine a mug son sucre, bonjour

Good morning all :smiley:

Good morning LB
Take care of yourselves and have fun out there

Hey hey hey

I hope your days are nicer than mine , it is pissing it down out here . I was going to go a burn a tank of fuel around windsor … but nooo … not in that rain . I don’t even own waterproofs these days now I am such a fair weather fairy :kiss:

morning all. a day in the man-cave for me today, performing more surgery on the vfr.

morning slackers,

Morning all. I can’t believe that it’s still raining :angry
Going to have to start riding in the rain soon…noooooo

Don’t do it … things will get dirty :crazy::laugh:

Did someone say Coffee??? :smiley:

But not at the Ace - it’s bleeding sheeting down out here!

Afternoon :smiley:

It’s coffee Ross but not as we know it :wink: