Fun with the DRZ at a MX track

Rode over to my mates gaff pretty late in the day recently froze myself on the motorway ragging the bike at a top speed of 90mph because of the lowered gearing, then we rode over to a motocross track near him. We pulled off a road and went up something called the Ridgeway, 100miles to Swindon apparenly. Except when I looked up this hill, it was just thick gloopy mud as far as I could see, my heart sank as my body had a flashback-feeling of the DR350 failing miserably in this type of mud only a few weeks ago. It took me some time, but I got the hang of it and got through okay without dropping it.

Then we pulled into the track, and proceeded to have top fun! Unfortunately someone had taken away all the jumps my mate Rod was expecting Still, I learnt LOADS about sliding and turning the bike using the throttle, not the brakes. I didn’t realise it would be so bloody hard working out the required body position, throttle amount and timings for each type of surface! Had some brilliant (for me) slides going on, I loved it. I only fell off twice in the whole day, once overcooking a slide on a back straight and when pulling out of the track at the end, doh! The bike’s so bloody tall it’s easy to over balance.

The bike is mental, it just rips through the mud! Only needed second gear the whole time there, first just spun up and the top end of second made me somewhat nervous as I was still learning how to slow down on the mud (no brakes!). Yes, I look funny as I have two t-shirts on, an armoured suit for my chest/waist/shoulders/arms and then two fleeces on over the top. I ditched the fleeces in the end (after the pics taken at the start) and just rode around in my astars jersey. It was bloody cold, but I was hot from working me bodeh.

Didn’t get that dirty either amazingly. I love it! Can’t wait to learn more machine control and up the speed and try some jumps n stuff. The Arrow exhaust is amazing, I need earplugs when riding now.

no pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

There probably was in 2005 ! :wink:

In black and white!!! browning at the edges!!

It’s pretty cruel that he went to such lengths to write that and upload pictures only for him to not receive a comment for like, 5 years, no? :w00t:

HAHAHA yeah, that’s terrible xD