Fun Time

I’ve been very naughty! I was not happy with my bike, so I’ve been doing some small upgrades, changes here and there and generally spending too much money. It is after all an old FJ1200, all 18 years of it.

Any how, I’ve gone and put a new collector box on it, and then some ART exhaust cans. Stainless Steel link pipes with Alloy cans. Oh boy, does it sound so meaty now. A gentle rumble on idle, with a lovely soft burble as I open the throttle gently. Once over 4K RPM it sort of says in a genteel way, something big is coming, kindly move your slow backsides out of the way.

I’ve been very gentle on throttle in my neighbourhood as I do believe in respecting the needs of my fellow street dwellers, but the A206 and A2 to Old Kent Road have been having a slight sound upgrade! It sounds great, the best upgrade so far, bar the R1 calipers and Hagon Rear shock, which have been real life savers.

I’m sure it is illegal to get this much satisfaction out of how the bike sounds. I’m hoping that it might even pass MOT. There is no “Not for Road Use” label anyhwere. They just have “ART” embossed on the steel can tips.

I’m sure it is illegal to get this much satisfaction out of how the bike sounds.

Probally !!! - but think of the satisfaction element!!

…and in London does it really matter too much - yoiu ain’t doing 120 down the A2 (!!!) and I can tell you empty tipper lorries make 500% more noise and nobody asks to ban them!!!

All too true. I pass Novas, Corsas and various other little hatchbacks that are blaring out so much bass that my ears hurt, and I am DEAF! Bloody loud and surely the police should pull them and they get prosecuted/electrocuted.

I’m on your side.

The only time I worry about the noise is when I have a 5am start and don’t want to upset neighbours ( who are ok about it anyway apart from one old biddy who is mad as a hatter and thinks all bikers are “Ton up leather knife boys” (I kid you not ) - so I coast away from the house and round the corner to star her up ( how considerate I am:blush