Fun things to do on the Autobahn when you're bored

Things to do after work when you’re bored…

  1. Follow around some rich ****** in his Porsche Carerra 4
  2. When he indicates to go onto the Autobahn on-ramp, spontaneously follow him
  3. Once he comes around to the merging/acceleration strip… Wait for him to peel away at max throttle, making a lot of noise but not really going anywhere (from a bike perspective) :smiley:
  4. Grab third and fly past him so fast he think’s he standing still :smiley: :smiley:
  5. Keep reloading until you reach 6th gear

Did that today, great fun. I honestly couldn’t see him in the mirrors anymore when I shifted from 5th into 6th around 135 mph… wonder where he went, must have stopped for a coffee or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Later on I was in a similar situation with a chavved out 1.2 litre Fiesta type thing with a big exhaust… he pulled into the left lane and refused to move over, struggling to break 70 mph with his sad little compact car… so I sorted him out on the inside.

Hah, cars… a bit like shooting a fish in the barrel most of the time!

The only car that held his own today was an Audi R8… followed him up the A81 a bit towards Wurzburg… I was surprised, it has amazing pick-up even over 120 mph… when he’d open it wide I’d shift from 6th to 4th and pin it, and I’d just about manage to keep up, and maybe gain a little bit of ground but not much… overtake, fat chance! Whatever they put in these cars, it’s pretty good! Still no match for a modern sports bike if he can’t shake me on my 10 year old 'Bird…

So, what do you guys do after work when you’re bored? You should all come over and visit sometime, it’s a great way to blow off steam! My Fat One might be too heavy and awkward for the twistiest of the twisties but on the 'Bahn it’s really a kneeslapper.

:laugh: Now you’re showing off. A few years back I rode from Salzburg to Amsterdam on about 600 miles of mostly German autobahns on the Virago 750 custom bike I had at the time, a terrifying experience, I was doing about 100 all the way but everyone else (including lorries) seemed to be shooting past me at 140 mph :w00t: Was great fun though, but saw a few very near-misses. Would love to take my Bandit 1250 there so I can feel what 150 mph feels like.The R8, by the way, has basically a Lamborghini Gallardo engine and gearbox, so it should be quick.

Few years back I used to fly over to Germany and work all week before coming home. We were lucky fuggers and would hire flash motors - plus we’d get and the autobahns to test them out on :slight_smile:

After dinner, we’d sometimes do a loop round the A61/A52/A44/A57/A40/A61 loop :wink: 58 miles…just had to watch out for the Dutch lorries but otherwise - could thrash the fck out of the hire cars.

Those were the Days :slight_smile:

Boy it is :w00t: I did some reading on the thing and the new model (which goes for about 130 grand or thereabouts) has a 5.2L V10 engine o_O That should keep you safe from most nutters on bikes, save the occasional GSXR thou/ZX-10R.

Besides it’s an absolutely stunning looking motor… timeless design, much like the Blackbird, only posher. Anyone got some money kicking about they don’t need? I need about 129 thousand I think :smiley: starts piggy bank

germany is so much fun, even the “b” roads are such god quality and well looked after.

Im def coming over this year on the blade, trying to drag acouple of other with me. will be heading to Koblenz area the heading out from there.

Had a great time and the people are so nice.

Hmmmm, BOFH reader? :wink:

Afterwork, bored. Well given I’m unemployed, and have been on some really heavy drugs, if I’m bored I usually fallen asleep. Sleeping anything up to 18 hours a day doesn’t leave you much to time to do things. :w00t::smiley:

So what if he is rich?

Maybe hes earnt it all, maybe not…who cares?

Only because hes comfortable, doesn’t mean you have to insult him does it?

Even if he has a Porsche, doesn’t mean hes minted either.

If you paid more attention at school and worked harder in life, you might have a Ferrari.:slight_smile:

Kevsta (26/02/2010)

but BOFH is dead, long live PFY!

Nivag (26/02/2010)

Yep but you know it’s going to be a scam, and someone else ie the boss or director has taken a tumble down an unlit stairwell straight into an elevator shaft on the 13th floor. :D:cool:

Shhh, class warfare is my duty as a good German! Besides, anyone in a car who picks a fight with a bike deserves a physics lesson :smiley:

Used Honda Blackbird = EUR 4000
Tank of Petrol = 24 EUR

The look on the face of that f*@#ker in the EUR 100,000 car when you leave him for dead = priceless. :D:D

There a some things money can’t buy… for everything else there’s petrol card :slight_smile:

Hate to bust your bubble, but that’s been changing lately, especially on those “B” roads… it’s a combination of the recession (which has been hitting the public purse hard), the recent hard winter, and the East of the country still sponging money off the west… they probably have better “B” roads now in Thuringia than they here in the west.

There’s a pretty epic twisty road near my house but it’s got craters and patches all over… not cool. Also the A81 autobahn has a nasty stretch coming south near here where it’s still officially “no speed limit” but the fast lane has enough weird black asphalt “patch jobs” going across it to knacker your suspension and make your teeth fall out… plus at 100 mph you can’t really “get on the pegs and let it bounce”.

How the mighty hath fallen… but we still do have a cool road or two… and when they dry up we can do the same thing you Brits love to do – Go to France :D:D

yup ya gotta love the autobahns…deffo on the cards to get over there for a play sometime this year…max it out n see if can beat my own personal best…and no officer aint telling ya what it was :D:D