fun day

So I decided to buy some leather trousers and did the dreaded ride into london on l plates I made it to the shop on brick lane got my new trousers.

On the way home this happend

they pulled up at the lights behind me I was slightly reving the bike to keep it from dyeing out. Then woop woop.

I pulled over and tried to explain 2 stroke engines to the women and that the power valves locked open atm she didnt know crap about bikes said I can wait 30 mins for trafiic officer or take this note of defect thing so I took it as at this point my legs are sweating so bad.

So this is the defect.

Open valve in exhaust faulty must be over reved at lights to stop from stalling.

4k isent really over reving and its funnu as yamaha used to lock power valves shut to restrict bikes.

But it gets better Look at the make and model on the paperwork they gave me. Yamaha fast bike.

I have a fast bike magazine sticker on the bottom of my tank.

Now im sorry but wear are they getting them from she obviously doesnt know about bikes so I don’t see how she can give out tickets or defect order things

Now im going to get laughed at tomorrow when I have to go to my mot tester to get this crap filled in

doesn’t the details of the vehicle being wrong invalidate the ticket?

im guessing you admitting you have to over rev due to an engine defect is going to work against you… im sure it will be a case of it not being safe for road use…

That’s what I thought too? Edit: just saw DAWS replied… this goes in line with me_groovy’s point

Also City of London Police… unfortunately some of the biggest jobworths around from what I hear i

How is 4k ‘over revving’?

And where’s the ticket for stopping on double reds?

Yamaha Fast Bike… What a joke!!!

Seriously what a joke, they must have been bored!!!

i pulled over and asked where do they want me to stop so its safe and she said just up the road on the left and that was just up on the left no were in site was not double reds.

if there’s no fine or points just go to MOT dude, and done dusted.

City Of London Police= IDIOTS in a uniform, they wind me up more than traffic warden’s, i have never ever met such boring jobsworth peopel in all my life.

Yup easy to sort should be off to see my tester shortly