Fully Synthetic Oil?

What are peoples views on fully synthetic oil? Have read reviews on Castrol r4 superbike oil (5w 40) and was thinking of giving it a go but would like your views.

The R1 has got 1400 miles on it and has had one oil change on first service, from what i have read it seems it will make a big difference but is it to early to change having only done afore mentioned mileage


Hey , darbo

I use the fully syntetic oil on my bike but just after it got 3k on the clock. I heard and read that this oil will offer too much resistance if your engine is any new than that… But i’m no an expert at all

It’s been said by a few notable engine experts, that you shouldn’t run fully-synthetic oil in a bike until it’s been properly bedded after 4k miles. Cezar did his before, as his bike was run in on the track. I wouldn’t put it in your bike just yet Darbo, the engine will still be tight, and all the components not properly meshed. That’s a very low milage as well Darbo

I recently put that new Castrol R4 into my Gixxer. I have to say that there was a noticeable improvement in both gear selection and engine noise and smoothness. I was very impressed. Its gonna get another oil change in about a thousand miles, its got 7200 at the minute and oil was originally put into service at 6000. Im very impressed and apart from a small increase in cost, £29.99 for four litres from Halfords the benefits far outweigh that for me.

As Jay says, probably better for those bikes that have carried a few more miles but if your into revving it high alot then i personally dont think that you’ll have any problems.

Jay is right! My has 3k miles on the clock done on 7 trackdays and one trip to Croix in France. No slow or city riding! I wouldn’t use fully syntetic just yet on your bike… but thats me

would check it out before you put it in. I have heard nasty rumours that some of the big sports bikes aren’t taking kindly to fully synthetic. Its causing clutches to slip apparently. The R1 is deffinately one of those bikes mentioned.

Cheers for replys fellas, not answers i wanted to be honest, but all good advice.

Jay, i hardly ride it im a very fair weather biker, frightened to get it dirty im afraid

Hehehe, no worries, Cezar is exactly the same. He doesn’t get out of bed unless it’s 30c.