Fully comp cheaper than TPFT??????

Just renewed my bike insurance and got a great 3rd party quote

Checked Fully comp to see how much more it was and it came in at £20 cheaper


Been with these guys for 18 years and they have always been very good

Go figure. Hope you took it

Bit his arm off

Still can’t believe that Fully Comp can be cheaper but apparantly it shows that you respect your Bike and are meant to be more careful?

Little do they know


ChrisD used them but they held back £250 over and above the excess of £500 when they paid out for his R6 going awol.

Hope you never need it…

Im with ebike and its the same, FC cheeper than TPFT. Realy odd.
And thats only after 1 yr ncb.

Just read the small print!!!