Fully armoured, helmet on, that POKE ain't gonna hurt...

Be gentle with me, haven’t even got my licence yet…

Hello and Welcome…

Welcome to LB newbie, now we all know you have a lid on well just poke and smack you somewhere a lot more fun

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

heres another two pokes just to make sure you feel it POKE POKE

Hey there, welcome to LB! What sort of bike are you interested in? Are you doing lessons currently? Either way, you’ve joined the right place, everyone here is very helpful. Hope to see you at our Cubana meet some Wednesday…

Interested in the lovely little Virago 535 that’s sitting in my shed waiting for me to get its exhaust welded, and for the assorted licence, theory, CBT, DA course etc etc to be sorted out. Can’t WAIT to go out for a blast under my own steam. Having to put up with being ballast on the back of a Bonnie till then, but only when I ask him nicely. Had a Honda C90 centuries ago but that hardly counts.

And thank you DA, I don’t think I’ve ever been poked THERE before…

ChoccieMuffin it was a pleasure and the pleasure was all mine

I just googled a Yamaha Virago 535 as I had know idea what it was, nice looking bike and would only look sweeter if the BIG screen was removed

Hi and welcome to LBs

I had a virago 535 for 6 years, it was my first bike after passing my test on a 125. its a great little bike. I then went on to a Dragstar 650, now have an Xv1600 wildstar, hope you enjoy the 535 as much as I did.


Welcome ChoccieMuffin from one newbie to another. Hope to meet you at the Newbie meet at the Ace on the 2nd.

Aw, shucks, aren’t you lot nice!

No screen on MY bike (no exhaust either at the moment!) and nothing as boring as black. When I figure out how to connect my camera to my PC I’ll stick up a picture, but it’s raaaather lovely ('cept for the gouge out of the paint where the throttle cable bashed the tank when I, ahem, let it fall over in the garden when getting it off the trailer… Couldn’t quite tell you what colour it is, but VFRDude has seen it and might be able to describe it…

Won’t be at the newbies thing, seeing as I’m not riding yet - soon, soon - but when I’m up on two wheels I’d like to say hello to peeps.


Welcome to bedlam, great bunch here, glad you came…


Hey there CM

Welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



poke poke poke

welcome choccie…no need for a bike on here…just fingers

choccie fingers!!!..i die laughing

Welcome to lb.

Oh, sorry, forgot to mention I’ve put some dosh behind the bar, first round’s on me. (Might be enough there for a half of Carlsberg and a box of straws…)

Or if you prefer a brew the kettle’s on, the chocolate muffins and Cadbury’s Fingers are delicately placed on the doily, waiting for you to enjoy.

welcome to the site

Hellooooooooo welcome to LB

Welcome aboard.

Tea for me NATO standard!


Damn! And I’d lent all my P.A.N.T.S. to the other newbies!!!

Ouch, ouch, ouch!