Full face with additional sun visor


Anyone have any ideas of lids with flip down sun visor. Particularly in white or more visible colours.

I currently wear a Caberg Una Jet open face, which was pretty good when I rode the vespa 5 miles through Camden & the city, but my new route will be M11, A12 etc on the bonneville so I want something better at keeping my face from freezing, and quieter.

I want a sun visor for those days where it’s not particularly bright enough for sunglasses but the sun is low enough to get in your eyes.

I don’t want a flip front because there are only two models I could find tested both open & closed, and they’re a bit on the heavy side.



there are a few full face with sun visors,

AGV are making them now as well as Scorpion, HJC, Caberg

do a search for sunvisor http://www.sounddistribution.co.uk/search.asp?

i’ve got a hjc hs-10 which has an internal sun visor.

If you had a caberg before and it fitted, i can recomend thi trip as a great flip helmet with sunvisor - Not to heavy at all and a 5* rating too…


The HJC looks like a blinder- ive got the HQ1- the carbon full face but wish id waited a few months and hot the one with the sunvisor…

Ultimately though, its about what fits and then what fits the budget :slight_smile:

NOLAN N84 is what ive got, sunvisor on outside but the lid is soooo comfy n quiet highly recommend this lid :):slight_smile:


The Scorpion EXO looks interesting

my wife has had a scorpion Exo (700) for the past 2 yrs and it is a really good helmet,
I am thinking of replacing my arai with the new exo1000 :wink:

I have the hs-16 and its so nice and quiet with an internal sun visor that makes me feel like JUDGE DREDD everytime I deploy it:)

The past couple of days I have wished I had a flip down sun visor since I’ve been almost completely blindly going down the road when the sun was low.

My friend forbid me to wear my RayBan Aviators with the helmet because he recons that they aren’t designed to be shatter proof. He recons I need an extreme sports pair, or a new helmet. Opinions on that?

I’ve just bought a Schuberth S1 Pro (see left) and that has a flip down sunvisor. You can turn the sun visor upside down to give you a straight edge if you don’t like the “pilot” look.

No…JUDGE DREDD! :wink:

Hahaha “deploy”

Had My Scorpion EXO-1000 for 8months and really, really impressed, one of the few lids that gets better with time. The cheek pads had now shaped itself to my head (odd) and with the airfit system fits fantastically. All details work brilliantly and not every sob has got one!

We are reviewing said Scorpion 1000 and the cheaper 750 model. The 1000 has flip down visor which can replaced with diff colours.

I’m mighty impressed esp for less than £300. But review coming soon.

Ordered from sound distribution just before Christmas, arrived last week. Was able to try one on at Rivetts (I think) in Leyton.

It’s very nice, much better than my open face Caberg

what did you get?

I have heard amazing things about the Schuberth S1 Pro. Will probably get one as my next helmet.


If you are talking about the Scorpion then I’d be interested in adding your thoughts to the article http://londonbikers.com/articles/12658/scorpion-helmet-review

Schuberth are supposed to be good. You have to practice your German accent before purchasing one, oh and buy a BMW.

That’s not true! You don’t have to buy a BMW, you just have to have enough money to do so! :stuck_out_tongue: