Full Akrapovic system for 2008 Fireblade

Firstly… a huge thanks to Ricky for doing most of the work. But it looks great and sounds fantastic - I’ll try and post some pictures tomorrow.


Firstly, I was apprehensive that the (3?) internal valves in the stock exhaust would cause problems when removed. Chiswick Honda were adamant that I shouldn’t mess with it, because it would upset the fuelling. However, it breathes a lot easier now and somehow ‘feels’ like it spins more easily. It’s more lumpy under 4000 revs, but that no problem.

The sound is glorious. I tried it without the db killer, but it’s a little too anti-social! :slight_smile: So the db killer will stay in for now.

The fairing was a b***ch to get off - so thanks again to Ricky - and the instructions said the headers can be fitted without removing the rad, but it would be much easier if the rad was drained and removed. The only surprise was how badly the radiator fins have been damaged in only 6 weeks or riding. R&G make a rad protector, so that will be a necessity soon.

It was painfully expensive (won’t be able to afford to eat at the Ace for a while :smiley: ) but I can’t stop grinning. Never, in the field of motorycle endeavour, has so much money been charged, for such beautiful pipes, for so much fun. :slight_smile:

if it runs or sounds anything like it looks then it must be SWEET…

well done geeze

Can’t wait to see the pics Martin! Get them up!!

Did you get a new mirror as well? :wink: :kiss:

It does sounds wicked :smiley:

Now stay away from Ricky, he’s a bad influence on you :stuck_out_tongue:

I only fitted the damn thing :w00t: I didn’t hold him at gun point to buy it, ;)Hurry up and get some pics up for the good people :smiley:

might be a good idea to get it jetted…but thats just an idea…looking forward to seeing it…oh and hearing it!!! :slight_smile:

Needs a power commander :wink: On the list i believe (no pressure from me;))

Hey, Lusty, you’ll be amused to know that, finally, the indicator lens has been replaced. :wink:

And the db killer has now been removed (again). I can’t stop grinning as I ride it with that crazy noise. Arrest me, someone, please. :w00t:

Hey Martin

That’s awesome you went for the Akra system in the end. Lovely looking bit of kit and I bet is sounds rampant!

Keep the baffles out; you know it makes sense!

I’ve got some exams coming up but I’ll be at the Borough meet week after next all being well. Look forward to seeing the bike there. I’ve just had my baby RR dynoed after installing the exhaust and power commander earlier in the year. I was slightly sceptical when I’d hear people talking about how it smooths everything out, convinced it was the placebo effect at work. After yesterday, though, I can fully vouch for it. It’s not gonna give you a significant power increase but it really does make throttle response “creamy” smooth throughout the rev range whether cruising in 1st at 20 or accelerating hard.

Looks like you’re gonna go hungry for a while yet!