FS: Kia Cee'd 07

Might as well throw this up on here too :slight_smile:

I was mucked around a little by someone who said they wanted this, then as I said it was ready, having missed my chance to part ex it, they said they no longer wanted it.

It’s the 1.6L Turbo Deisel CRDi (top of the range).

Old photo from 4 years ago, before I beat it up a little.

I got quoted £450 to fix this and the front left wing (see next pic) which would then just leave the bumper to be fixed (a few cracks and marks).

As you can see, I’ve had some… erm, can we call it bad luck… with my trailer, detaching once and one bike coming off (causing the big dent) meaning it doesn’t look like it’s in good shape, but I’ve never had a problem with it, runs great.

It has a tow bar if you want to also buy my trailer and be ready to take your bike to the track!

I bought it as it had a 7 year warranty and it’s never given me a problem. MOT until the end of August. Last service and MOT, nothing needed work.

In good shape, this age and mileage (68,000) go around £3,700-£4,500. I’d be happy with £2,500 due to the external appearance, which I think is a fair but good deal? Looking on Autotrader, the only CRDi’s down at this price (that aren’t damaged) have done 150,000 miles and more.

Hi Andy, I am looking for cheap car for my wife, you have PM.

£350.65 and its a done deal. Throw in some Waitrose vouchers and Ill do it for £300.00.

A tempting offer, but I’ll pass…

Just to add that my brother has the 2.0l version of this and they are fabulous. If I was looking for something like this, it would be a top choice.